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What is NDIS Support Coordination?

NDIS Support Coordination Explained


NDIS Support Coordination is about helping you identify, coordinate and access important NDIS support services that will help you achieve your Perth NDIS goals and objectives.


Your NDIS Plan can incorporate one of the following Three Levels of Support Coordination:

  • Support Connection With this support, you will be able to connect with informal, community, and financed supports, maximising the effectiveness of your NDIS Plan and helping you to achieve your NDIS goals and objectives.


  • Support Coordination This support will help you develop the skills necessary to comprehend and use your NDIS Plan. A support coordinator will collaborate with you to make sure that a variety of supports are utilised to improve your ability to manage service delivery activities, maintain relationships, live more independently, and participate in your community.


  • Specialist Support Coordination This is a more advanced degree of support coordination referred to as specialist support coordination. It is intended for those with more complicated situations who require specialised help. You will receive assistance from a Specialised Support Coordinator in managing difficulties in your support environment and maintaining consistent service delivery.


In addition to the help offered by family, friends, and other community and government entities, your funding is based on what is “reasonable and necessary” to fulfil your NDIS goals. It is important to utilize your support coordination funding to collaborate with a support coordinator who has the training, expertise, and experience necessary to fulfill your unique requirements. 


You can find out more information, locate and contact a support coordinator with the aid of your NDIS planner.

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