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What are Perth NDIS Life Skills and Development Skills?

Life Skills are the skills we acquire through time that allow us to operate in a complicated environment full of difficulties, expectations, invisible hurdles, and inescapable situations. People with disabilities frequently have distinct experiences, such as not having been exposed to the same things or facing different difficulties, and as a result, they have a different set of life skills that might not cope with the presenting situation.


Whether you or a loved one has a disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can help you access a range of support services to help you live the life you deserve.


What Are the Benefits of Perth NDIS Life Skills and Development Services for People with Disabilities?

It takes more than just purchasing assistive equipment to achieve your objectives; you need time, coaching, inspiration, and encouragement. Developing extra life skills will assist you in building greater self-sufficiency, enabling you to achieve your life objectives. At Lion Community Services we will provide you with a tailor-made Support Plan, specific to your exact needs that will help you gain new life skills and development skills. Overtime you will build a toolkit that will enable you to tackle and overcome any challenge life throws at you.

What Kinds of Life Skills and Development Services Does Lion Community Services Perth Offer?

If you or a loved one has a disability that limits your capacity to live independently, Lion Community Services is perfectly positioned to offer you with the support work you need to reach your objectives, live independently, and improve your life skills.

Lion Community Services can assist you whether you have a well-developed skill set and require particular coaching or training, or you are dependent on others for a range of various activities and require more support. We will collaborate with you to analyse your requirements and develop a strategy that tackles all the areas you want to improve in your life and become more self-sufficient in.
NDIS Life Skills and Development Skills are tailor made support plans that suit your exact needs, it includes benefits such as:

• Paying your payments or doing paperwork
• Keeping your house tidy
• Meal preparation and planning
• Interaction with others
• Exercise and healthy habits
• Personal cleanliness
• Prioritizing your tasks
• Improving your Mental Health
• Mental Health coaching
• Plus, a lot more!

What's Next?


Send us an email or call our friendly team to discuss how Lion Community Services Perth can help you achieve your Perth NDIS goals.


We believe in developing great relationships, so we will invite you to meet with us in person so that we can learn more about you and your objectives.


Once the paperwork is sorted, the Lion Community Services Perth team will be available to you 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week to assist you in achieving your objectives through our Perth NDIS Support Services.

Our Promise to You!

Caring, empathetic and genuine – We honour these 3 Traits.

We have knowledge, expertise, and we will do everything possible to improve your quality of life.

We’ll match you with support workers who can get to know you and your objectives, and who will work with you every step of the way to make sure you achieve them.

When developing a community participation plan, we will assess your individual needs to ensure you get the exact support you need to fully participate in whatever you choose to do.

We recognise and understand the value of community involvement and how belonging to a community can have a big impact on your physical health and mental health.

At Lion Community Services Our Average Turn Around Time For New Clients Is Less Than 1 Week!

Contact us today to find out how we can support you.

Choosing Lion Community Services for your Life Skills and Development needs

Lion Community Services is a full-service expert support team dedicated to assisting you in achieving your objectives. That means we’ll be there for you every step of the way as we analyse your needs, establish a strategy, and work with you to see it through.

• We form connections with our clients and provide a tailored service, determining what your goals for independent living are and how we can collaborate with you to help you achieve them.
• When selecting which support services or training will be most beneficial to you, we will examine your individual needs in a dependable, responsive, and communicative way.
• We have many years of experience in the Disability and Mental Health industry but more importantly we operate and provide support in an empathetic and caring way, and we’ll do everything we can to help you live a better life.
• We recognise the value of being self-sufficient and possessing a set of life skills that enable you to take on any challenge life throws at you with a positive mind set.
• For Referrals, we are known for our lightning-fast turnaround and approval times.

Do I Meet the NDIS’s Life Skills and Development Requirements?

NDIS Plans encompass life skills and development when a person’s incapacity to perform tasks is connected to their disability. The NDIS provides Core Supports, Capacity Building, and Capital Funding, which are three types of assistance that individuals with disabilities require. The funding may be categorised as Core Supports or Capacity Building, depending on how your disability impacts your capacity to live independently.

Perth Life Skills and Development Support Services Funded by the NDIS

The NDIS compensates for anything that is fair and necessary in order for a person with a disability to live independently. Everything from morning routines to socialising can be covered under your NDIS Plan. If you are not sure whether your requirements are covered by the NDIS’ Life Skills and Development funding, we’ll be pleased to help you through the process and explain everything that is included under your individualised NDIS Plan.

How do I get started with Lion Community Services’ Life Skills and Development Services?

Get in contact with us online, via phone, or in person if you or a loved one needs support to live more independently through Life Skills and Development Support services. We can meet with you to assess your requirements and what the NDIS covers and provides, and then connect you with the right support team. We’ll work together to design a strategy that works for you so you can handle the challenges you face every day.

Can the NDIS Pay for Life Skills and Development Support?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for reasonable and necessary assistance for individuals with disabilities, and it may be able to offer you with funding to use Lion Community Services’ Life Skills and Development support services, depending on your needs.

What Perth NDIS Services does Lion Community Services Provide?

Lion Community Services Perth provide a tailor made Core Support Service for NDIS clients in Perth, Western Australia, and via Telehealth Australia wide. Our NDIS Core Support Service includes:

NDIS Core Supports

Your major support category known as NDIS Core Supports is in place to assist you with day-to-day activities as well as gaining access to and participating in your local community.

NDIS Capacity Building Supports

NDIS Capacity Building Supports are in place to help in the development of your independence, skills, and abilities so you can achieve your goals and objectives.

NDIS Mental Health Counselling

NDIS Counselling and Psychology assists you in overcoming any mental health concerns you are going through so you can manage and overcome your symptoms and be able to function day to day.

What makes Lion Community Services Perth stand out from other Perth NDIS Support Service Providers?

We Understand

You are more than a number to us; you are a vital component of our community. Our top emphasis is getting to know you as a person, putting together a supporting team around your requirements, and assisting you in accomplishing your NDIS goals.

We Are Industry Leaders

Our team is made up of highly skilled Support Workers and Management Staff that come from a variety of backgrounds. We work hard to connect you with the best support team in the area; those who speak your language, share your interests, and have previous experience.

We Are Committed

Our team is always active, always available, committed to ensuring you get the services you need when you need them. People choose us because we are dedicated to giving the best Customer Service in the industry!

What Do Clients Think of Lion Community Services Perth?

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